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  4th-6th July 2023.

  Brasília - Brazil

Witness the precision of artillery, missiles, and rockets and explore the latest advances in guided munitions technology. Discover how these weapons are being used to achieve precision on the battlefield.


  1st-3rd August 2023.

  Brasília - Brazil

Witness the raw power of tanks and other armoured vehicles as they demonstrate their capabilities on the battlefield. Gain insights into the latest developments in armour, weapons, and mobility that are shaping the future of ground warfare.


  30th-31st August 2023.

  Brasília - Brazil

Discover the latest developments in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4SIR) technologies. Witness how these critical systems are used to manage the battlefield and provide situational awareness to decision-makers.

Join us for a discussion on the latest advancements in communications and electronic warfare. Learn about the newest technologies in signal processing, encryption, and interference that are being used to gain an edge on the battlefield.


  19th-21st September 2023.

  Brasília - Brazil

Protecting critical infrastructure against cyber threats is essential in today's world. Join us at Brazil Cyber Defence to discover the latest tools and techniques that keep Brazil safe from cyber attacks.


  24th-26th October 2023.

  Brasília - Brazil

Immerse yourself in the future of airpower and explore new technologies that are revolutionising the way we fight in the skies. Witness groundbreaking developments in unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced materials and state-of-the-art weapons systems.

Watch as space is becoming an increasingly contested domain, with more countries launching satellites and developing space-based weapons. As a result, cooperation between nations is becoming more important to ensure the security of space assets.


  7-9 de novembro de 2023

  Brasília - Brazil

Explore the latest advances in protecting the Brazilian Amazon, a vital national asset. From border control to environmental protection, discover the tools and technologies that ensure the sovereignty and security of this incredible region.

Explore the challenges and opportunities of jungle operations and how technology is being used to overcome them. Learn about the latest advances in jungle survival equipment, navigation, and combat tactics that are being used to keep our troops safe in this unique and challenging environment.


  5-7 de dezembro de 2023

  Brasília - Brazil

Get ready for a deep dive into the latest naval technologies and how they are being used to protect our maritime interests. Witness the latest developments in ship design, weapon systems, and underwater sensors.

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